About us

FilesFrom has been developed by a team of specialist web-appliction developers based in Australia. We've been building web-applications since 1996 - that's a long time in internet terms and during that long time we've learned a thing or two. Logo

We learned at the beginning of the web, that people couldn't use web-applications because the web couldn't do much. Now the web is all grown up, we see people struggling with web applications because some of them do too much. So as much as we love the idea of making insanely complex works of programming art, we restrained ourselves with FilesFrom and aimed at making it simple, simple, simple ... and effective.

We think (like a lot of others), that email is abused and misused. Sending files using email is bad karma. Just think about the internet for a moment; a gazillion cables connecting millions of PC's to email servers who pour out great streams of email binary matter at each other 24/7. Then someone sends an 80Mb file ... bam! Everything runs slow for a second and a lonely systems administrator somewhere says "Ahh crap, some big friggin' email attachment just corrupted my Exchange server database* and our 350+ users have just started banging on my door".

So FilesFrom aims at getting big file attachments off email and back onto proper technology that has been specifically developed to deal with them.

The basic service level on FilesFrom is free, however in the near future we'll offer some much nicer features that will be available for a small fee.

Think of FilesFrom as liberating technology. Free of file-corruption, free of spam-blocking, free of charge. Sending stuff is supposed to be easy and FilesFrom keeps it that way.


*Microsoft Exchange Server - an expensive commercial email server used the world over.


Need support?

If you need help using FileFrom please contact us at support@filesfrom.com

Business solutions

Get a hosted, un-branded, advertising-free, un-restricted version of FilesFrom for your own company. For more information please email us at business@filesfrom.com.

Idea box

Everyone has a different use for FilesFrom. If you have a special need, tell us here ideas@filesfrom.com. We'd be very happy to take a look and see what we can do!