Ideas and benefits of using FilesFrom over email

Of course there are a lot more benefits and ideas than just these, but we hope they'll get you started.

  • FilesFrom doesn't use email to deliver files, so there's no issue with sending files that would normally be trapped by spam, virus and other content filters. FilesFrom only uses the standard internet so there's no firewall issues and no need to call your IT department. That means that you can send files to people with 100% confidence they can actually receive them.
  • FileFrom is faster than email. Yep, all that hopping about through mail servers is a real drag. FilesFrom takes the zippiest path so you're recipient will get their stuff quicker.
  • Did you know that email attachments stay inside your email client? It's true. They stay there forever, taking up space, making moving your email harder and making the life of your company sysadmin a nightmare (do you get calls to empty your company email box? You wont with FilesFrom!).
  • Like the Chief of Police, FilesFrom is un-corruptable. Files delivered by email often get corrupted. Filed deliverd by FilesFrom don't. It's that simple.
  • Use it to deliver large projects to small groups of people for approval. Powerpoint, Photoshop, Quicktime, AVI, you name it really. Want a way to make sure all people get your stuff at the same time? Use FilesFrom.
  • Family photo distribution list. Send weekly updates of digital snaps to your family and friends without the horror of massive bottlenecks due to size. Got more than 10 pics? No problem ... Zip up as many as you can fit into 100Mb archive and send that!
  • Send a copy of your work to yourself so you can work from home and when you've done it, send it back to yourself! Who needs USB storage?
  • Deliver files to printers. High volume receivers of digital files hate email, partly because it'e entirely un-managed. Zip up your Quark or InDesign files along with your fonts and images, enter the job specifications on the message pane and send the lot to your printer!
  • Can't use your company email account for private use and don't have webmail? Use FilesFrom - we're discreet.
  • Don't have a download server but need to distribute software you've built? For small numbers, FilesFrom can do it for you.
  • Real Estate agents can distribute photos of homes to branch offices in one click.
  • Corporations can use FilesFrom to deliver media releases.
  • Print-buyers can distribute quote requests to their favourite printers all at once using FileFrom.

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