How to use FilesFrom

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How to use FilesFrom

We've strived to make FilesFrom as simple and intuitive as possible and we think most users will figure it out in a few minutes of use. Here's an overview of how it works:



Firstly FilesFrom doesn't require you to do much to register. By entering your email address and sending a file, the system will automatically add you and send you a password for next time. This is so that you can access the list of files sent and their status, as well as ensuring no-one else can use your account. In the future we'll add more things to make your life easy and when you login you'll see those things. Make sure your email address is correct because we'll be automatically sending you your password!

enter your email address


Adding a receiver

Adding a receiver

After you've entered your email address, you need to enter the email address of the person (or people) you want to send the file to.

Add receivers

FilesFrom remembers the people you enter, so if you send another file to the same person at a later date, all you need to do is enter part of their email address - FilesFrom will open a list of matches from your recent deliveries and you can add them by clicking on the name.


Sending a file

Choose a file from your local hard disk..

Choose a file

If you decide to add a message, it will be added to the email message the receiver gets. When you click 'Send', you'll see your file being uploaded. Occasionally you might see an error - these are pretty self-explanatory and might occur if you send a file which is unsupported. To ensure people don't send malicious executable files, we prohibit the sending some file types.


Reading your list

Once you've sent a file, it will appear in your list of sent files.

Sent list

This is your private list - no-one else see's what you see. Click the 'View all sent files' link to see a full list. At the end of each row you'll see a status. 'Available' means the file is within the 7 day limit and can be downloaded. 'Expired' means the file is outside the 7 day limit and has been deleted automatically.

If by the remotest of chances, you are still having trouble, please contact us at Our support staff will be only too pleased to assist you.



What are the limitations of FilesFrom?

FilesFrom has certain restrictions, mainly to ensure people don't use it for spam. Here they are:

  1. You have a total of 100Mb of storage space for your files. Each time you send a file you'll see a message telling you how much space you have left. Files expire every 7 days and as they do, space will be freed up. If you find you've run out of space you'll need to wait until one of them (or more) expire, allowing you more space to send more files.
  2. You can send 10 times per month, one file at a time. You can only send to 10 people at any one time. These limitations mean you can send one file to 10 people per month, or 10 files to 10 different people per month. Each time your counter will update, letting you know how many sends/receivers you have left. If you run out, you'll need to wait until the next calendar month.
  3. We realise that some users will try to register multiple times to get around these limitations. To mitigate this, we've introduced a limitation on the number of times a registration can be made from at single IP address. With the popular use of dynamic IP allocation used by ISP's, this rule is easily overcome. As we said, the rule is intended to reduce this likelihood and make it harder for spammers. We hope that people will understand that we offer FilesFrom as a 'fair' service and as more people try to abuse it, they will make it necessary for us to introduce more checks and balances which will make it harder for everyone. The moral of this story is: Play nice and let us keep FilesFrom free.
  4. Receivers can download files 3 times. We figure that this should be all that someone needs and any more would make it a download server - not the intention of FilesFrom.

Well then, can I pay to have more resources?

FilesFrom is free in it's current offering. To spread this around fairly we have invoked some reasonable limitations so we can all enjoy a free service. In time we'll introduce the option to increase resources and when we do we'll email you to let you know. More storage, more receivers, unlimited sends and much more useful functionality are all being developed right now for your file sending pleasure.

You say it's free - is there a catch?

No. There's no catch. We feel very strongly that email shouldn't be used for file delivery and that's the primary reason for FilesFrom. To pay the bills for the current free service we offer, we've estimated that simple advertising on the site will be sufficient. As people require more advanced features and resources, we'll provide those at small monthly fees.